R2 Cernícalos 32

This hacienda or Finca de Las Haciendas del Marqués del Buen Suceso already existed in the year 1851. The Martínez Montañez family used to have their main home and chapel at the hacienda. An important event in the history of the hacienda is the arrival of the Bishop of the Canary Islands in the year 1857 to officiate the Confirmation of 52 children from the entire municipality. 
Amongst the anecdotes worthy of mention, we can highlight the pages in which reference is made to a young lady who refused the love of the Marquis:

“Cuando vayas al Marqués
me traerás aceitunas
Si están dulces, yo te quiero
Y si amargas, calabazas 
de esas que llaman boyunas”
(When you go to the Marquis
olives you will bring me,
and if sweet they be, I will love thee,
and yet if bitter, all you will receive
is a brush-off in the shape of 
marrows they call boyunas)

News arrived at our population at some time during the decade of the forties, referring to the fact that all of the Marquis’ properties had been purchased by an overseas entrepreneur by the name of Emilio Suárez Fiol, who was responsible for truly increasing and insuring this estate’s boom, repopulating the mountains with Canary Island Pines and cultivating every single plot of land that could be profited. 
We are to be grateful to Emilio Suárez for many things, amongst which to be highlighted is the recuperation of the Chaplaincy Capellanía de Cuchara, dating from the year 1600 and property of Juan Hernández Cuchara.