"Las Casillas" or "Los Médicos" Mill

Molino de Los Médicos .jpg

Located in the highest part of the Santiago Ravine on its right bank, in the place called“Las Casillas”,or“Los Médicos Ravine”, of “El Médico” ( in 1867, and according to the minutes of the Heredad, a complaint was made by the Mayor of Aguas and Acequiero reporting that Francisco Hernández “el médico”, diverted the waters of the Heredad flowing down from Huerta de Sardina, to other properties of his ownership).

This note reflected in the minutes justifies the name of the Ravine of the “Médico”, since he considered being his the properties and waters.

It is also known by the name of “Molino de Lorencito Galván”.

Its implementation dates from1873,the house and the mill were built by Mr. Miguel Galván Macías, it was always managed by the family being the last owner his son Mr. Lorenzo Galván Álvarez, who stopped grinding in the year 1950, due to the shortage of water in ravines.

It is part of the traditional evidence with houses, shelters and caves.