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It´s the second oldest mill, and fourth and last of the municipality, it was built between the years 1800-1805, and it has always been managed by the Martel family.

Located in the right margin of the left arm of the ravine called “LosGranados”, or“El Granado”,in a mound of the ravine formed by an islet created when separated in two arms, behind is the mill which grinded with waters arriving from the right bank proceeding from“Los Mocanes” Ravine,and not from the Heredad.

On May 17, 1960, its owner Diego Martel Ortega, requested to the Agronomic  Headquarters of the Province, in the section Wheat National Service, the transfer to the left bank of the ravine in the area called“Los Canarios”,replacing hydraulic power by motive power, as well as changing the diameter of the stones that were 1.20 meters with others of 1,00 meter and a mechanical toaster.

It is being restored and is still used to grind Gofio.