Oratorio de la Salud

Another ecclesiastical building worthy of mention is the Oratorio de la Virgen de la Salud, found in the settlement of Era de Mota, and dating from the year 1886, when the Presbytery Don Cristóbal Suárez González created a private oratory dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health so that pilgrims could devote themselves to her. The oratory is tiny and yet significant works of art are treasured within the same.
Small sculptures of great value are conserved in the Oratory, with all art specialists coinciding in that these are of Flemish origin, acquired by Don Cristóbal Suárez. There are a total of five small polychrome and “estofado” technique wooden carvings, which represent the images of Saint Clare of Assisi, Saint Lucia, Saint Catalina, Saint Bernard and Saint James the Major, which at the time were quite likely attached to the altarpiece. Specialists consider that their making corresponds to the Flemish and that they are of great artistic value.
These sculptures are permanently on display at the Valsequillo Municipal Library found in its urban center.