Hiking for everybody

At Valsequillo you are free to enjoy 9 hiking routes, for all levels, plus a myriad of combinations and variations, in beautiful natural settings, or you can join guided tours.

Each year, major mountain races that will challenge your endurance are organised.
There are also excellent opportunities for mountain bike routes and road cycling.

Or you can simply enjoy a walk in the country!


Hiking program 2017

Sab.- Sat. 18 Circular Caldera de los Marteles

Sab.- Sat. 4 Circular Ruta del Tajinaste por La Pasadera
Sab.- Sat. 18 Circular Ruta del Tajinaste por Roque Jincao

Sab.- Sat. 1 Circular Ruta del Tajinaste por Barranco de la Umbria
Sab.- Sat. 15 Cheeses route

Sab.- Sat. 6 Wines route
Sab.- Sat. 20 Barranco de los Cernicalos

Sab.- Sat. 3 Caldera de los Marteles – Santa Lucia de Tirajana.

Sab.- Sat. 16 Circular Corona del Montañon
Sab.- Sat. 30 Roque Saucillo

Sab.- Sat. 14 Camino de los Alfaques
Sab.- Sat. 28 Barranco de los Cernicalos

Sab.- Sat. 11 Circular de San Roque
Sab.- Sat. 25 Circular Arco del Coronadero

Sab.- Sat. 9 Circular de la Era de Mota


INFO: Oficina de Turismo de Valsequillo Tel.: (+34) 928 70 57 61

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