Valsequillo has a long-standing equine tradition.

In fact, the Colmenar barracks, one of the municipality’s emblematic buildings, was used in the past to garrison cavalry. In the early sixties, the Stud Farm of the Horse Breeding and Remount services to the military herd was set up on the Las Haciendas estate, in order to promote breeding and improve the horse breeds on the island.

Because of the restructuring of the army, the Town Hall took over the management of the stud farm for many years and also provided this service to horse herds on the island. The Fiesta de Caballo, or Horse Festival, takes place every year between April and May in the Luis Verde neighbourhood and is one of the most important horse fairs on the Canary Islands. It includes jumping competitions, dressage, races, etc.

The town is famous for its horse races, where you have horses from all over the island as also from other islands participating.

In the last two years, the Town Hall has organised excursions on horseback along the different trails in the area, which have been grand success with horse-lovers.

Horse posts are being fitted at various points in the municipality, so that they can serve as base points for excursions.

 Eleven trails have been charted out and they can be combined in different ways with each other.

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gpxRC 1 Tecén - Las Haciendas - Los Marteles

gpxRC 2 Tecén- Colmenar - El Rincón

gpxRC 3 Tecén- Orilla Las Vegas -Era de Mota

gpxRC 4 Valsequillo casco - Era de Mota

gpxRC 5 Tecén- Colmenar - Era de Mota

gpxRC 6 Valsequillo casco - El Montañón - San Roque

gpxRC 7 Valsequillo casco - Huerta de Sardina - Los Marteles

gpxRC 8 Valsequillo casco - Las Vegas - Caldera de Los Marteles

gpxRC 9 Valsequillo casco - Barranco de Los Santiagos - Tenteniguada

gpxRC 10 Valsequillo casco - San Roque - Tenteniguada

gpxRC 11 Valsequillo casco - El Montañon - La Barrera



Rutas a caballo

Horse Routes