Lomitos de Correa, Juagarzos and La Palma

Lomitos de Correa

Located on a hillock from where a gorgeous panoramic view of the plains of the municipality can be contemplated, Lomitos de Correa is found at an approximate distance of 2 kilometers from the urban center.
The origin of its name is uncertain: it is believed that the name is due to Don Luis de Correa, a gentleman from Tenteniguada who settled in this neighborhood.
In ancient times the population lived in caves and the economy was fundamentally based on farming with production of yams, potatoes, maize and cheese. We would like to highlight that this neighborhood has continued with an important goat breeding tradition. Its population is mainly dedicated to service industries.
Lomitos de Correa counts with a social club, town square, park and sports facilities. Soon it will also count with a ländliche Herberge. A children’s park is also to be found in La Palma.