Luis Verde - Las Casas

The name of Luis Verde Coronado is first mentioned in 1554 in the Gran Canaria Repartimientos (land properties register), name that obeys to the place that occupies us.
Despite the fact that Valsequillo was not an area with a preferential single-crop and despite wine production not being specified in the area, given the terrain’s orography and the commercial boom that wine experienced with Europe, by the 16th century there is no doubt that the lands pertaining to this area profited from vine growing to a maximum and that dry farming was of capital importance, with this information also being confirmed by the sources that have been consulted. Other crops that have been of importance in subsequent periods have been subsistence farming and fruit orchard crops.
With the passing of time, the increase in population that started as of 1975 and the appearance of residential housing, have resulted in a gradual process of development, the same with a clear tendency to unify both entities given the proximity of the urban center. A series of small neighborhoods between both areas have appeared, as is the case with Las Casas, neighborhood that counts with a public square and children’s park.
The Guerra de Aguilar Estate was of vital relevance for the area, as amongst its different buildings it included a wine cellar and press. An example of a thousand-year old Drago can be seen in its courtyard.