Tecén is a center of population with a pre-Hispanic place name, located right at the edge of the San Miguel Ravine bank. During the pre-Hispanic period the places used as primitive homes were the caves, which in general were situated in the sunny areas. Silos can be appreciated in a few of them, and they were also used as burial grounds. It was after the conquest, and certainly by the 17th century when the center of population was fully consolidated. Its proximity to Telde, with greater growth of population, and the economic expansion resulting from the wine trade and the need for a subsistence economy represent the reasons explaining this process. Its social function, which was originally characterized by subsistence agriculture, has currently changed, even if to a certain measure the same has not been completely abandoned. Its population now reaches 250, increased thanks to the improvements in communications and because it has become a second-residence area for the weekends. It counts with joint services shared with Valsequillo and Telde and with an ancient school that has now been refurbished as a Nature Classroom Shelter.