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  • Cultivo de Fresas en Valsequillo
  • Degusta fresas de Valsequillo y nata
  • Degustación de fresas de Valsequillo
  • Fresas de Valsequillo
  • Postres de fresas de Vaslequillo
  • Miel de Valsequillo
  • Apicultura en Valsequillo
  • Producción de miel de Valsequillo
  • Ordeño en Valsequillo
  • Pastoreo en Valsequillo
  • Quesos Angelita
  • Quesos de Valsequillo
  • Restaurante Valsequillo
  • Tapas en Valsequillo
  • Cata de vinos de Valsequillo aaaa
  • Vinos de Valsequillo
  • Cultivo de papas de Valsequillo
  • Floricultura de Valsequillo
  • Mercadillo de Valsequillo
  • Naranjeros de Valsequillo
  • Productos de Valsequillo
  • Vinos de Valsequillo

Thanks to the wisdom of farmers, ranchers and beekeepers, Valsequillo products recover lost flavours by combining the heritage of the past with the most modern sustainable techniques.

Honey is produced here since ancient times and all its derivatives.
Strawberries of which Valsequillo is the largest producer in Gran Canaria, with its pastries.
Our artisan wines.

Cheese, worldwide award-winning, from the dairies that breed their flocks in our natural landscapes.

And don’t forget all the other field and livestock products, greens and vegetables, almonds that are gathered here and floriculture.

All these products can be purchased at our market.

And all these flavours can be savoured in festivals, tastings, visits to producers, gastronomic competitions, and other events that are regularly organized in Valsequillo and to which everyone is invited to savour the most natural!