When one visits Valsequillo it is worthwhile to take advantage of the occasion to try out the municipality’s typical gastronomy. To be highlighted amongst the dishes are braised meats, watercress stews or jaramagos con gofio “escaldao” (Treacle mustard greens stew with scalded toasted maize meal), Sancocho Canario (Canary style stew made with salted wreckfish, potatoes and yams), sea-water boiled baby potatoes with mojo (red and green spicy sauces made with a diversity of peppers and spices), etc., and all this in the company of a good local cheese and wine.
And to finish it all off desert may consist in Valsequillo’s scrumptious strawberries, a piece of cheese pie or an almond and bienmesabe pie (honey and almond based spread), etc.

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